BradsDeals Review

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BradsDeals appears very similar in format to There is a top, slideshow of current deals, a drop-down list of deals, and a section for coupon codes. However, the site adds some new elements not found elsewhere. There is a 'new deals' section, a printable coupon code section, and a top deals page. These different features help make the site a bit more unique, and compelling.

The visual appearance of this hot deals website is very well designed. The background fades out as a shopper scrolls down the main page, adding to the professionally designed appearance. While some sites use graphics sparingly, goes all out. While a great visual appearance is nice, the deals are what usually matter on a deals site. Luckily there are thousands of deals posted, many of which are handpicked.

Breadth of Deals

The site offers a wide variety of different items from different categories. The main deal page has many different item types including HDTVs, jewelry, clothing, and even fitness memberships. Interestingly, there is a lack of computer systems or computer components missing from the main deals. However, computer deals were posted in other parts of the site.

Detailed Info

Many items found have well written descriptions which not only show the item specifications but also any deal information needed to obtain the discount. There are also dates of expiration posted. Many deals include sales, discounts, and coupon codes so you don't have to look at separate deal posts for each type of deal.


The deals posted were accurate and functioned as stated in the descriptions. Both new and older deal posts were tested and all were found to be correct. The fact that many of the deals posted were handpicked helps to keep the listings up to date and accurate. There is a special new deals section where the newest deals are posted. On the main deal page, each deal has an original time of posting to show the length of the post. Many deals posted were uploaded within several hours. Older posts can also be found that are a day or more old. In the item descriptions expiration dates are posted.

Quality of Deals

The quality of deals posted on BradsDeals is very good. While there could be more deals posted, the deals that are available offer nice savings for discount shoppers. There is a nice variation of lower and higher priced deals. There are many unique deals found on the site. The coupon codes section has nice deals on computers from sellers such as Dell and HP, but also has deals from Bally's Fitness.


The great visual appeal and unique deal listings offer many discount shoppers a nice place to find many special deals. The coupon code listings are better than many other deal sites and some of the deals cover some great discount offers not found elsewhere. Each deal has a nice description and links that were in working condition. The original posting date and expiration date are listed with each deal. Overall, BradsDeals is a great place to find some online deal, and is well worthy of being included on our list of the best hot deal websites.