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dealnews Review

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dealnews, our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winning site, offers a very visually appealing interface that showcases featured deals and other bargains. The site offers both a main listing of hot deals as well as categorized deal listings. While computers and electronics are predominately listed in the deals, there are many other types of items presented as well. Some of the categories include HDTVs, Clothes, Laptops, Desktop PCs, and Home. There are also sister sites including one featuring all Macintosh hot deals. No matter what type of item is being searched for, there is a probably a discount offer to be found on dealnews.com.

What makes dealnews.com stand out from other hot deals websites is the site’s extensive deal descriptions. Each deal posted has both concise description and a longer, more in-depth description of the deal item. As a result, each deal can be viewed in different levels of detail to make deal seeking easier. Other hot deal sites often show one level of detail for their descriptions which often leave out important details or force visitors to read through too much information.

Standout Features

  • A large number of hot deals for electronics and computers
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Very accurate and up to date listings of hot deals
  • Real time news updates on the latest hot deals
  • Extensive Coupon Code listings
  • In-depth descriptions of each item
  • Editor’s choice deal listings
  • Social Networking Options

When comparing and reviewing the different hot deal’s sites, dealnews stood out with its easy to navigate interface, its wide variety of deals, and visual appeal. While other hot deals sites may have great deals listed, they may lack a visually appealing interface. On the other hand, there are hot deals sites that offer great visuals but lack quality deals or have outdated deal information. dealnews.com manages to offer a well-balanced deal site with all the right features. The high quality of the deals posted on the site is second to none, and the site is easy to use, even for novice bargain hunters.

Breadth of Deals

dealnews.com offers a large range of different product categories to find hot deals from. One can list deals based on product categories, store names, and even by editor’s choice. A special Mac section is also offered with select Mac deals. The electronics and computer sections offer a very substantial listing of hot deals. The dealnews bargains are some of the best deals around, and are sometimes not found on other hot deals sites. There are unique categories of deals including travel and seasonal deals not found on other hot deal sites.

Many deals are from unique categories of products that range from hotel room savings and cruises to HDTVs. Clothing, personal care, and even makeup deals can also be found on dealnews. The wide range of different product deals will help anyone with need for a general, all inclusive hot deal site. The sheer number of deals posted also helps to reduce the number of expired deals presented on the first pages of category listings.

Another feature is the editor’s choice listings of hot deals. The editor’s choice page showcases special hot deals that offer unique discounts or savings opportunities. The deals listed are from all the different categories listed throughout the website. Editor listings are concise and offer fast access to the vendor offering the deal.

Detailed Info

Each deal has an extensive description that describes the deal and any needed steps to obtain the offer. dealnews offers some very good descriptions of many of the hot deals posted. The descriptions cover the items, as well as any additional instructions/limitations for obtaining the deal. This can be very helpful for some deals that require coupon codes or have specific exclusions.


The deals presented are very accurate in their descriptions and links. Each deal has information that is clearly presented without errors or inaccuracies. Expired deals are notated and even removed from the main page listings. The site allows each visitor to report a deal that is either expired or incorrectly listed which helps the site managers to have a high rate of deal listing accuracy. Each deal listing shows when the deal was posted, updates, and options for reporting changes or errors. The deals found on dealnews.com are very timely and show bargains that are sometimes missed by other hot deal sites. Each deal listed has the elapsed time from when the deal was posted alongside a number of stars to show how good of a deal the item is.

Quality of Deals

The variety and overall quality of deals featured on dealnews is outstanding. Many items have large discounts while others are given without extra conditions or need for rebates. The hot deals found on dealnews.com are some of the best bargains found on many hot deal sites. Many of these bargains can be found in their electronics and travel sections, but every category of deals listed offers unique discount offers.


dealnews.com offers some of the best hot deal listings found online. Their in-depth listings of deals helps to both showcase items and reveal any details that can make or break a great deal. The accuracy of deal listings ensures that visitors will not encounter broken links or inaccurate deal descriptions. One of the biggest problems found on hot deal websites is inaccurate listings of deals. The use of visitor input helps to increase the overall accuracy of all of the deals listed. The quality deals shown are outstanding and there are some great gems to be found on the site. The unique sliding menu used on the main page showcases feature hot deals effectively alongside the editor’s choice page. Visitors are given a wide range of navigational and viewing options to aid the search through the posted deals for any desired products.

One drawback of the site found during the review was the overall length of the main listing of deals. The length of the deal listing should be broken down into smaller segments. While not a great deterrent for deal seekers, it can be a nuisance to scroll down multiple pages of deal listings. Fortunately there are categorical listings of deals which are easier to scroll through.

While there are many hot deals sites out there, dealnews.com is a top site to visit. Its hot deal listings are excellent and offer great information for any bargain hunters out there. dealnews has many strengths that help to elevate the site above most hot deal sites found online. For both expert and novice bargain hunters, there are many deals to be found on the site.