FatWallet Review

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FatWallet.com has probably the most unique main page of any hot deals website reviewed. It is the only deal site that offers its own cash back program. Shoppers have used cash back offers for years and FatWallet is renowned for this program.

Another difference is the main page of the site. Instead of listing actual deals on the main page, Fatwallet.com shows different links to each section of their website. These links include several image icons for the coupon, Top deals, and forum sections along with a top navigation bar with section links.

Each section has its own layout and interface. The Top deals section is very appealing visually and displays content in a very readable format. The deals are displayed with images and descriptions inside large cells, which can be easily seen. In the forum section, each sub section is broken down by category or theme. In fact, most of the deals are listed in the forum section. Top or highlighted deals are posted in the Top deals section. The coupons and cash back section has offers for cash back savings displayed by vendors.

Breadth of Deals

The overall range of deals is limited in the hot deals section. However, there are many different deals in the forum section. Cash back offers are also available from many different merchants. However, each deal is given a price comparison and a longer description than what is typically found on other hot deal sites.

Detailed Info

The detailed descriptions are some of the best found among many deal sites. The descriptions show information about the items being discounted, price comparisons among different merchants, and even a limited analysis of the deal. Shoppers will quickly see that each deal is handpicked and chosen by an expert deal searcher.


The deals posted have very accurate descriptions and deal information. Conditions and exclusions are also listed with many deals. The forum has many deals posted with a great deal of information posted by shoppers and onsite managers. The only problem found was with the forum posts. Many people post deals to the forum section of the site and sometimes their titles may or may not be easy to read. A few posts even had comments or even bits of conversation. Another problem was that each poster often uses a different title or style of writing, making it more laborious to look through the different deals. Those problems aside, the deals are broken down by their daily posting dates. Older deals are listed in previous parts of the hot deals section with their original dates displayed.

Quality of Deals

The deals seen were very good. The majority of deals are posted in the forum section, which may appear a little less polished than the top deals section or even on other deal sites. However, shoppers may find that there are more deals listed than on other sites.


FatWallet.com is a golden oldie among deal sites. It has been around the block for ages and has been a cornerstone for many discount shoppers to find deals. It has its own cash back system which is highly unique among deal sites. The deals posted are found mainly in the forum section which may be more difficult for shoppers to search through for some deals. Many posters post deals and sometimes the titles may or may not be as readable as some might like. On the other hand, forums can sometimes have the best deals anywhere and the deals may be more up to date than ones posted on a web page with nice graphics. Shoppers that take the time to overcome any initial navigational problems with FatWallet will find great bargains not found elsewhere.