LogicBUY is one of the most impressive deal sites found online, earning our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award. Its wide breadth of deals offer bargains for all types of shoppers. The number of deals is simply staggering. The types of deals include different products including electronics, computer hardware, clothing, and even travel. Each deal is presented in a separate box with a description of the deal along with specific product information. If a deal has a coupon code then a shopper can easy click on the deal code and it will be copied for later use. What also sets LogicBUY apart from other hot deals websites is the amazing quality of the actual deals. While other deal sites may have similar deals, LogicBUY manages to show deals that are both valuable and relevant. LogicBUY.com maintains one of the most accurate and up to date listings of deals online. The site is easy to browse and actually use to take advantage of some great buys.

Not only does LogicBUY offer a huge selection of different deals, it also makes it incredibly easy to find different product categories. A shopper can use the menu to find all deals on digital cameras or blu ray players and have a long list of deals on those product types. While some deal sites may display a handful of deals, LogicBUY often has ten or more deals. On their digital cameras page, there are so many deals that shoppers have to click on several pages to view them all. Deals are also posted throughout the day and many are not found elsewhere.

Standout Features

  • Great deal finds
  • Accurate listings with clear details about each deal
  • Up to date information
  • A huge number of deals
  • Easy to use coupon codes
  • Video guides about deals and deal hunting
  • User comments and ratings for many deals
  • Reviews on some deals

Each deal has a wealth of information including the time of initial posting, the expiration date if available, conditions of the discount, information about the product, and sometimes reviews submitted by other shoppers or third party websites. Some deals include coupon codes and rebate offers. There is even a video section filled with video guides about deals. Shoppers can sign up for email newsletters about current deals as well as vote on which deals are better than others.

One of the most important elements on LogicBUY is the easy to use interface. Each deal item has a small amount of information including brief details about the deal, a voting number, and the vendor offering the deal. Deals that are currently expiring will have a notice signifying whether the deal is about to end. Deals that have already expired are taken off the front page and marked as expired. It is easy to view each deal status and the date that each deal was posted. Unlike some deal sites, advertising is kept to a tolerable level with a few spots being used for ads. Shoppers will not have to wade through ads to find desired deals or find information blocked by ads.

Like many other deal sites, shoppers are allowed to post comments under each deal along with ratings. While not every deal has shopper submitted ratings or comments, many deals do show reviews by other shoppers. Other deals have independent or shopper submitted reviews of the product being discount or offered in a deal. A few deals even have reviews found through third party sites.



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